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The dollars raised by Illini Guardians are pooled to create carefully vetted NIL contracts with the student athletes.  For example, Illini Guardians enter approved NIL contracts with the students to make appearances at schools and youth organizations both in their home communities and throughout Illinois.  As these marketing events and opportunities become a part of routine fabric of University of Illinois athletics, it is the hope of the Illini Guardians that these opportunities will be a positive recruiting advantage.


Sentence here about the secure nature of the transactions below, not sharing personal information and so forth.


Although Illini Guardians is NOT a tax exempt organization, we are an Illinois not for profit corporation.  This means that the founders of Illini Guardians are dedicated to bringing as much as possible of every dollar collected back to the benefit of the student athletes to whom this organization is dedicated.  Illini Guardians maintain professional accountants to audit and safeguard the income and expenditures of the organization.


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